Baby Box (TEST ONLY)

Baby Box (TEST ONLY)

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Baby box (TEST ONLY)
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  • Arrives In High-End Black & Gold Cold Cooler Evidence Box
  • 1 Golden Shovel Spoon
  • 6 Pints of Award-Winning LIMITED EDITION Luxury Ice Cream (Featured Below)
  • Exclusive Cold Case Mystery Game
  • Incident Reports Detailing Mysterious Flavor Profiles
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  • Peanut Butter Smother

    Peanut Butter Smother

    Crunchy peanut butter sandwich cookies dunked into a tub of chocolate ice cream and blanketed with swirls of creamy peanut butter. 
  • Key Lime Killer

    Key Lime Killer

    A tantalizing blend of tangy key lime ice cream, enriched with marshmallow meringue, and slashed with crunchy graham cracker crust.
  • Crime Brûlée

    Crime Brûlée

    Smooth vanilla custard ice cream with smuggled shards of golden crystallized burnt sugar. Each scoop demands respect and expands its tasty territory. 
  • Puffed Pyro

    Puffed Pyro

    A caramelized blaze ignites! Creamy marshmallow ice cream melded with fiery toasted marshmallow chunks for a flavor that will set your taste buds ablaze.
  • Boys in Blueberry Muffin

    Boys in Blueberry Muffin

    Let frozen justice reign! Fresh blueberry ice cream and spunky blueberry muffin chunks. It's a flavor that cuffs your taste buds with sweet satisfaction.
  • Bordeaux Bribe

    Bordeaux Bribe

    A tempting offer arrives: Brown sugar ice cream with decadent milk chocolate waves awaits. What's a little rich chocolate ganache for a few favors?

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Eye Witness Testimonials

“This ice cream is insane! I loved EVERY. SINGLE. BITE. Where did they get these ingredients? They were fancy AF. Honestly, the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted in my life. Case closed!”

Joseph R. [REDACTED]

“In a word, epic. The flavors were so wild and different. I’ve never had ice cream that was so different and yet so familiar. Like pineapple & cornbread?! Who knew. It was like all my favorite flavors on steroids.”


“I had really high expectations because of the price. KEEP your expectations high. This isn’t just the best ice cream I’ve ever had it was the best dessert I’ve ever had, period. “



When Will There Be New Flavors?

Curious about what we've got planned? Sign up for our email list to find out, but keep in mind - snitches get stitches. Hint: it's coming sooner than you think.

How Do You Ship Ice Cream?

We don't mess around with our frozen goods - we give them the VIP treatment, packing them in an insulated shipping box with enough dry ice to keep them colder than the hearts of the most devious of criminals. At a frigid -109.3°F, these frozen culprits are ready to be delivered in perfect condition.

Can I Purchase Multiple Boxes for Corporate Gifting?

Yes! It’s possibly the easiest yet most thoughtful gift you could give vendors, contractors, clients, or a whole customer service team. (Let’s face it, they are the backbone of this economy) If you’re looking to place an order of 5 or more, head here, fill out the form, and our team will get back to you!.