We Got The Evidence On Video


Expertly Hand- Crafted Flavors

From familiar classics to fresh new favorites, our award-winning chef has spent years methodically crafting the most premium ice cream you’ll ever experience. Lock your doors, you’re not going to want to share this evidence with anyone.


Best Ingredients Around The World

From rich Italian marscapone cheesecake to Brazilian brown sugar-spiced blue cornbread, we spared no expense or effort in gathering the absolute highest quality ingredients from around the globe to ensure a guilty (pleasure) verdict.


Dairy From Local Grass Fed Cows

Ice Cream is only as good as the milk that makes it. So to ensure ours is of the highest caliber we hunted down & use only the freshest organic milk from locally sourced, grass-fed cows in the meadows of western Idaho & Utah.

Examine the

Eye Witness Testimonials

“This ice cream is insane! I loved EVERY. SINGLE. BITE. Where did they get these ingredients? They were fancy AF. Honestly, the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted in my life. Case closed!”

Joseph R. [REDACTED]

“In a word, epic. The flavors were so wild and different. I’ve never had ice cream that was so different and yet so familiar. Like pineapple & cornbread?! Who knew. It was like all my favorite flavors on steroids.”


“I had really high expectations because of the price. KEEP your expectations high. This isn’t just the best ice cream I’ve ever had it was the best dessert I’ve ever had, period. “