why does ice cream make me cough

Why Does Ice Cream Make Me Cough? Evidence Unveiled

Ice cream is one of the great soothers in life. A bold claim, we know, but we’ve witnessed enough cases to know it’s true. A toddler needs to get a shot at their doctor’s appointment? Promise them ice cream. Your best friend just went through a terrible breakup? Grab your keys and head to the nearest ice cream shop, pronto. Failed a test that you really needed to do well on? Ice cream won’t turn back time (don’t worry, that’s our next case to crack), but it sure will bring you the same joy that it brought you as a little kid.

At Cold Case Ice Cream, we make it easy to order the highest quality ice cream at any time, and we’ll deliver it right to your door, or your friend’s door! You might go so far as to call us expert soothers, in addition to expert detectives. However, it has come to our attention that there is one thing that ice cream might exacerbate rather than soothe: coughs. 

why does ice cream make me cough

Case On File: Why Does Ice Cream Make Me Cough? 

If you’ve never experienced this phenomenon yourself, allow us to explain. We were quite new to the notion ourselves, seeing as how we at Cold Case probably eat enough ice cream to be immune to any adverse effects—but do not take our lack of personal experience as a sign of naivety. We have taken this case quite seriously, and have spent countless hours gathering evidence and testimonials so that we could present you with the most accurate information. 

Keep reading to learn about the key suspects behind ice cream making you cough, and how to avoid them so that you can continue enjoying the most delicious treat ever created.

Suspect #1: Can Cold Temperatures Cause Coughs?

As luck would have it, the “ice” in “ice cream” does, in fact, mean that ice cream is a food best served cold. Whether or not ice cream is eaten cold depends on the season, its accompanying temperature, and the consistency preferences of each individual consumer.

Why does Ice cream make me cough

If you’re someone who eats ice cream straight from the freezer without pausing even to scoop it into a bowl. . . well, you’re not only saving dishes. You might also be increasing the chance of getting a cough as well as a sweet treat. If, on the other hand, you like your ice cream to be a bit more melty before partaking of its deliciousness, your chances of getting a cough go down tremendously.

Coughing, in general terms, is your body’s automatic reflex when you feel irritation in your trachea or lungs. If ice cream is too cold when you eat it, there’s a chance it will irritate your trachea and result in coughing. The easy solution to this is waiting for your ice cream to warm up just a little before partaking.

As summer grows hotter and hotter, your ice cream will melt faster and faster. For the foreseeable future, you won’t have to worry about your ice cream making you cough (unless you have a habit of eating your ice cream in a walk-in freezer). So what are you waiting for? Order your Cold Case Ice Cream Box today to taste our handcrafted specialty flavors during the season that suits them best! 

ice cream in a box

Suspect #2: A Common Side Effect of Dairy Products

Another reason we discovered as to why ice cream may make you cough has to do with the cream in ice cream. Dairy products, when consumed, often cause your body to create sputum (a mucus coming from the lungs). Not a pretty topic, but certainly a factor in why ice cream may make you cough. Sputum, while sometimes a sign of sickness, is harmless if it is a minor side effect of consuming dairy products. When your body detects sputum, or anything else in your throat that might make it hard to breathe or swallow, coughing will likely ensue.

To avoid this side effect, simply drink water as you enjoy your ice cream!

Conflicting Evidence: Can Ice Cream Soothe A Sore Throat?

While some people complain about ice cream causing them to cough, that number is far less than the people who love ice cream for a nearly opposite reason: ice cream can also help to soothe sore throats, thus reducing coughs! The creaminess of ice cream, and the fact that it is solid but quickly melts as you eat it, makes it ideal for people who have a sore throat, a bad cough, or are generally sick and don’t feel up to eating more solid food. Of course, every person is different, and if ice cream really does cause more coughing than good, you might want to avoid it while sick, or at least drink a good amount of water while you eat it.

Cold case ice cream

If you are in need of ice cream to soothe your sore throat (or mend your broken heart), look no further than our Cold Case Ice Cream Boxes! We’ll deliver six handcrafted specialty pints of ice cream right to your door.
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