Push gift ideas

Push Gift Ideas She’ll Actually Love

Your partner has gone through a long journey of pregnancy and labor, and now it's time to spoil her with a push gift to make her feel oh-so special. But if you’ve never bought a push gift before, how do you know how to look for push gift ideas?

We’re on the case. You want something that stands out. Not your typical flower bouquet or box of candies. This woman deserves something unique–she grew life, for goodness sake!

Fear not. As gift expert detectives (yes, we coined that ourselves), we’ll solve this mystery. From luxurious treats to sentimental keepsakes, these push gift ideas will make your partner feel like the superwoman she is. 

Get ready to score some major brownie points–because trust us, these gifts are winners. Here are five push gift ideas your special lady will actually love. Ready? Consider this case under investigation.

Top 5 Push Gift Ideas:

  • Cold Case Ice Cream
  • Birthstone Ring
  • Facial Appointment
  • Silk Pajama Set
  • Mommy & Baby Photoshoot

1. Cold Case Ice Cream

Cold case ice cream gift

Let's be honest: What could be better than indulging in cold, creamy goodness after nine months of pregnancy and hours of labor? We’ll wait. A push gift really can’t get better than this. Surprising your partner with a six-pack of ice cream is a no-brainer.

Cold Case isn’t your typical store-bought ice cream. It’s criminally good, luxurious, and hand-crafted. Better yet? It’s delivered straight to your doorstep, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Well, except for tapping the *buy now* button on your screen.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose six flavors from our sizeable online assortment of ice cream
  2. Head to your cart and check out
  3. Wait for the doorbell to ring–you don’t even have to put pants on

Hold off on the basic flowers and chocolates for a different, less significant occasion. You want to spoil your powerful woman with something unique. The evidence is obviously delicious. Cold Case ice cream will satisfy those post-pregnancy cravings in the tastiest and easiest way possible.

Don’t believe us? Here’s a recent customer review: “I bought my first case, then second, then third and when I am done with this fourth, I will buy more. Worth every penny. Arrived frozen and ready to eat.”

Spoil Her Now

2. Birthstone Ring

Birthstone ring push gift

Melt her heart with a surprise ring featuring your new baby’s birthstone. Warning: This super sweet gift idea will come with some tears. We just know it. But don’t worry, they’ll be out of pure happiness. 

We love this idea because it’s not your typical generic piece of jewelry. Since it’s a birthstone, there’s a special meaning behind it. Your partner will always have a piece of your new baby with her. It's a symbol of love, joy, and new beginnings. And hey, if nothing else, it'll definitely make diaper-changing sessions feel a bit more glamorous.

3. Facial Appointment

Mom facial appointment

After spending nine months and a challenging labor giving all her energy to a tiny human, your partner deserves some peace and time to restore herself. There’s no better way to do that than by booking her a facial appointment at your nearest spa.

Facials are one of the most relaxing procedures. Your partner can sit back, unwind, and let someone pamper herself like she deserves. Show how much you care about her well-being by setting up a spa appointment for her. It’s thoughtful, unique, and she’ll remember it forever.

4. Silk Pajama Set

Silk pajama gift

Next up on our push gift culprit list is a silk pajama set. If you know anything about birth and labor, you know it’s hard on the body. Stretching, discomfort, swelling, tearing–we won’t go on, you get the point. 

You want your partner to feel good. And a great way to do that is surprising her with a silky smooth pajama set for a push gift. This will help her heal and get back to herself in the comfiest way possible. The motive here is simple. Make your special woman look and feel great so she can return to herself in no time.

5. Mommy & Baby Photoshoot

Newborn photoshoot

Let’s be honest. For the first couple of months, you and your partner will be tired–to put it very lightly. Those newborn days are full of sleepless nights, showerless weeks, endless couch time, and so much more.

It’s common if your partner doesn’t feel like herself. Setting up a mommy and baby photoshoot is a special gift for these early days. It’s probably even been on her wishlist to do a photoshoot, but she probably hasn’t had the energy to set it all up. Get one step ahead and surprise her with a professional mommy and baby photo session. This unique gift will create memories she can look back at forever and be grateful for your thoughtfulness.

Push Gift Ideas: What’s Your Pick?

You can’t go wrong with any of these push gift ideas. There’s something here every woman will love. By choosing to go the unique route and ditch the flower bouquet, your partner will definitely feel the love. 

So what will it be? Delicious ice cream, a birthstone ring, a facial, silk pajamas, or a photoshoot? After carefully looking at all the clues, we think the best idea is a good mix. You can’t go wrong with a box full of mouthwatering ice cream. That gift is so good it should be a crime. But you might as well book her facial while you’re at it, too. She deserves it! Who said it can’t be push gifts anyway?
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