Desert or dessert

Is It Desert or Dessert? [Mystery Solved]

Ah, the desert or dessert mystery. Who knew a simple mistake such as adding one too many S’s could be a crime? Well, as ice cream experts, it’s actually a criminal offense in our eyes. Don’t worry, we’ll let it slide this time.

But really. Why is it so hard to remember which spelling is the correct version? If you’ve ever stopped and paused while writing a text message, wondering if you’re describing something super dry or sweet and tasty, you’re not alone. In fact, over 10,000 people search for this answer on Google each month. You feel a tiny bit better now, huh.

We’re here to save you the headache and teach you once and for all the difference between the two spellings. It will stick, we promise! Whether you’re trying to take a trip to the Sahara Desert or text your partner to pick up dessert on the way home, we’ve got you covered. It’s time to get it right.

Desert or Dessert: Which One’s Which?

We’re just getting started in this desert vs dessert case. And it's enough to make your head spin faster than a tumbleweed in the Mojave. But hold on tight; we will help you through this mystery.

Desert and dessert may seem similar, but they couldn't be more different. One is a seemingly never-ending dry land of sand and cacti, while the other is a delectable treat that satisfies your sweet tooth. One will leave you parched and longing for water, while the other will leave you licking your lips and craving more.

So which is it? To solve this case, we need to take a look at both suspects for clues. Let’s dive right in. 


The desert

Desert, as a noun with one S, is pronounced DEH-zirt. This spelling refers to a scorching place with arid land and little to no plants. Think of the Gobi Desert, Sahara Desert, Mojave Desert, cactus, camels, sand, no water, etc. However, the desert isn't just a noun. As a verb, it can also refer to leaving or abandoning something or someone. Deserting someone means leaving when you’re needed. The noun and verb are sort of similar. Deserting actually stems from the word desert.

Here are some examples of using desert in a sentence:

  • “Camels live in the desert.”
  • “The desert is home to many cacti.”
  • “The Arabian Desert is the largest desert in Asia.”
  • “He would never desert his friends, I know it.”
  • “The kitten was deserted by her family.”


Ice cream dessert

Dessert with two S’s is pronounced DIH-zirt. This is the yummy treat your taste buds know and love. Usually served after a meal or for special occasions, dessert is a sweet course or dish. Think cakes, pies, cookies, ice cream, pastries–are you drooling yet? It’s mind boggling; by adding something as little as an extra S, a word can mean something completely different.

Here are some examples of using dessert in a sentence:

  • “My favorite dessert is Strawberry shortcake.”
  • “After dinner comes dessert.”
  • “Grandma makes the best dessert.”
  • “I ate all my food. Can I have dessert now?”
  • “No, thank you, I’m too full for dessert.”

Desert or Dessert: Ways to Remember the Difference:

Now that we’ve locked down our suspects, we need a solid case to help distinguish between desert and dessert. You don’t want to get caught up mistaking the two, so you need a plan. Something that will stick–like ice cream

No more last-minute Googling each time you’re a little confused about which spelling you should use–or wind up taking a vacation to the Gobi Desert when you really just wanted a slice of blueberry pie. We will help you end this constant merry-go-round question once and for all with a secret tip.

Riddles and fun sayings are great for helping our brains remember important things. And that’s exactly what we will use to recognize the difference between desert and dessert. 

Here are some tips to help distinguish between the two:

  • Dessert is so good it needs two S’s
  • Stressed spelled backward is desserts–aka the ultimate stress food
  • The two S’s in dessert stands for “sweet stuff”
  • Desert only has one S, just like one big vast dry land

Pick the hints that stand out to you most and are easiest to remember. Then, the next time you’re stuck trying to find out how to spell desert or dessert, think of your fun riddle. Soon enough, this silly little rule will engrave in your brain, and you won’t even second guess yourself. No more confusing the people around you, woohoo!

So, What Will It Be?

Desert or dessert–what’s the verdict? We’ll definitely go with desserts. The kind with two S’s because it’s just THAT good. And when it comes to desert, we won’t make the mistake of booking the wrong guy again.

Now that we've cleared that mystery up, we think you should treat yourself to a delicious dessert (without worrying about getting stranded in a sandy desert.) Just be sure to save some room for seconds… or thirds. We’re not counting.

Oh, speaking of desserts–how does personalized hand-crafted ice cream sound? At Cold Case, we're dead serious about quality ice cream. And we think a tasty frozen dessert like this is best delivered right to your doorstep. From embezzle-mint to strawburried alive, choose your favorite six flavors of ice cream and wait for the doorbell to ring. Yep, you can go ahead and keep your pajamas on. Never leaving the house for a yummy treat isn’t considered a crime in our corner of the woods.

What our detectives say: “This ice cream is insane! I loved EVERY. SINGLE. BITE. Where did they get these ingredients? They were fancy AF. Honestly, the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted in my life. Case closed!”

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