how soon can i eat ice cream after tooth extraction

How Soon Can I Eat Ice Cream After Tooth Extraction??

Tooth extractions are incredibly normal, so we’re glad you asked! At Cold Case Ice Cream, your health is our first priority, so here’s some help. We don’t blame you, we’d be asking how soon we could delve into delicious ice cream again, too!

First, Let’s Understand Tooth Extractions…

  • Common dental procedures carried out for various reasons, including severe decay, gum disease, impacted teeth, or orthodontic purposes.
  • Two different types of extractions: simple and surgical
    • Simple: typically employed for visible, fully erupted teeth that can be removed with ease
    • Surgical: reserved for more complex cases, such as impacted or broken teeth
  • Tooth extractions usually take between 3-4 weeks to fully heal, so be extra kind to yourself as you trust your body to recover as it always does!

can i eat ice cream after tooth extraction

Post Tooth-Extraction Timeline

First few hours: No Ice Cream!

It's imperative to adhere to immediate aftercare instructions, which often include avoiding cold foods, including ice cream, to prevent complications like "cold shock" to the surgical site!

First 24-48 Hours: No Ice Cream!

critical initial healing phase, during which the focus remains on maintaining a soft-food diet and ensuring that you don't disturb the healing process.

Days 2-7: No Ice Cream!

You can gradually introduce softer and cooler foods, making it tempting to consider ice cream. However, patience remains key.

Beyond The First Week: Yes Ice Cream!

You should continue to monitor your progress and err on the side of caution, avoiding any potential risks, such as brain freeze, which might hamper your healing journey. 

Why Wait to Eat Ice Cream?


First, the role of anesthesia can't be overlooked, as its temporary effects might impair your ability to enjoy cold treats immediately after the procedure. 

Post-op Instructions

Equally important is the need to adhere to your dentist's post-operative instructions, which might include dietary restrictions to ensure optimal healing. Doctor knows best!!

Types of tooth extractions and their impact on recovery

One size doesn't fit all with tooth extractions, so the more severe the operation, the more cautious you will need to be adding cool and hard foods back into your diet!

Individual differences in healing

Although certain tips and tricks can be shared, your body will heal differently than someone else with the same surgery! Recovery times can vary from person to person, so trust that your body will heal. You’ll be back to normal in no time!

cold case ice cream

So…. You Deserve a Treat For Going Through That Operation and Healing Process

What better way to celebrate ice cream in your life again than with Cold Case Ice Cream!

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It’s even tastier than it sounds if that’s even possible.

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