does coffee ice cream have caffeine

Does Coffee Ice Cream Have Caffeine? Code Cracked!

Case File: “Does Coffee Ice Cream Have Caffeine?”

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Even the most experienced detectives need a little pick-me-up to get through a tough case, and few things are more refreshing than coffee ice cream. There truly is nothing like the sweet creaminess of premium ice cream combined with the distinct taste of coffee to satisfy both a sweet tooth and a caffeine craving on a hot summer day, or to finish off a satisfying meal. 

While eating coffee ice cream isn’t exactly the same as drinking a cup of coffee (no warm mug to cradle in your hands on a snowy winter morning, no ice cold sips to quench your thirst on a busy hot summer day), it is perfectly refreshing, sweet, and full of classic coffee flavor. 

Keep reading to find out how you can try Cold Case Ice Cream’s coffee ice cream, to learn whether or not coffee ice cream has caffeine, and to discover when coffee ice cream is best enjoyed!

Let’s crack this COLD case!

Is Coffee Ice Cream Always Available At Cold Case Ice Cream?

At Cold Case Ice Cream, our flavors rotate every six weeks. Since we only offer six flavors at a time, we like to switch things up to keep you detectives on your toes, offer you an exciting variety that will keep you coming back to try our latest and greatest concoctions, and prove our endless creativity in which we take great pride. 

does coffee ice cream have caffeine

Our flavors include thrilling combinations such as Madagascar vanilla ice cream with cookie butter chunks, cookie butter swirls, & golden cinnamon cream; Madagascar vanilla ice cream with pineapple chunk, blue Oaxaca cornbread, & lemon butterscotch swirls; mango key lime sorbet with fresh mango puree & key lime juice (dairy-free); and white chocolate ice cream with California raspberries, toffee covered Oreos, & handmade caramel.

Once a flavor disappears at the end of its allotted six week run, there’s never a guarantee that it will return—so if a flavor catches your eye, make sure and order your six handcrafted specialty pints of Cold Case Ice Cream before they get retired to make room for six brand new flavors!

Our rotating selection of ice cream means that we don’t always have coffee ice cream in our six-pint lineup; but rest assured that we always have some kind of coffee ice cream in the works. Our coffee confectionary concoctions are always a smashing hit and sell out fast! 

To check out our current selections of flavors (and to check to see if coffee ice cream is in the current lineup), visit our website! Feel free to bookmark our page so you can easily come back to it whenever you’re craving premium ice cream, hosting a party, or need to send someone a gift that they are sure to love and enjoy!

Does Coffee Ice Cream Have Caffeine?

If you’re wondering whether or not coffee ice cream contains caffeine, the simple answer is yes. While there are some kinds of coffee that contain lower amounts of caffeine or are decaffeinated entirely, one of coffee’s most obvious (and most coveted) characteristics is its good dose of caffeine that so many people enjoy and rely on to help them start the day with energy and a sense of comfort and routine. Some ice cream brands might sell coffee ice cream that only uses artificial flavorings, in which case they might not contain caffeine, but here at Cold Case Ice Cream we only use the best and purest ingredients, so you can rest assured that real (caffeinated!) coffee is always on our ingredient list!

coffee ice cream

How Much Caffeine Does Coffee Ice Cream Contain?

If you’re feeling yourself droop in the afternoon sun and are looking for something to perk you up, you should know that eating coffee ice cream is definitely not the equivalent of drinking a cup of good strong coffee. In most cases (we do make a slight exception for specialty coffee drinks that seem to contain more syrup than coffee), the main ingredient in a cup of coffee is, well, coffee—especially if you take your coffee black. However, the main ingredient in coffee ice cream is high-fat milk, thus the creamy deliciousness. The coffee content is much diluted, though it is certainly strong enough to add sufficient flavoring of the timeless taste we all know and love so much. 

The actual caffeine content of coffee ice cream depends largely on each individual ice cream maker, just like how all cups of coffee contain different amounts of caffeine depending on how strong they are and how it is made. Most coffee ice cream generally contains somewhere between 3-5 milligrams of caffeine, which is hardly anything in comparison with the 95 milligrams of caffeine typically found in a cup of coffee. In short, worries about caffeine levels in coffee ice cream should not deter you from partaking in such a delightful treat!

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Do Any Other Ice Cream Flavors Contain Caffeine?

While any ice cream flavor could technically contain caffeine (Red Bull ice cream, anyone? No? Okay, we’ll just move along then), the only other flavor you really have to worry about is chocolate—not that we would suggest spending your time worrying about chocolate ice cream, seeing as how it is one of the greatest simple pleasures that this world has to offer. However, if you are especially sensitive to caffeine then you might want to consider limiting both your coffee ice cream and chocolate ice cream intake and instead opt for fruit or vanilla flavors. On the other hand, if you want a delectable combination of caffeine goodness, might we suggest chocolate coffee varieties of ice cream indulgence?

If Coffee Ice Cream Contains Caffeine, Should I Only Eat It In The Morning?

While most people probably wouldn’t recommend eating ice cream for breakfast, there are definitely worse things you could consume than a delightful concoction of premium cream and premium coffee. However, you should not worry about eating coffee too close to bedtime the same way you should avoid drinking coffee, considering the extremely low levels of caffeine found in coffee ice cream [you’ll still sleep fine, especially if you use a Pillow Cube]!

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