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7 Corporate Gift Ideas [That Aren’t Bland Gift Baskets]

Forget about the generic corporate gift ideas that end up collecting dust on a shelf. Or the gift basket of stinky cheeses and stale crackers. Your people deserve better.

Instead, consider some out-of-the-box options this year, like criminally good ice cream delivery - because who doesn't love a sweet treat? Or how about branded AirPods for those who enjoy jamming out to their favorite tunes? 

Corporate gifts can actually be fun again. As expert ice cream detectives, we’re here to help you narrow down some prime gift suspects. Here are seven corporate gift ideas that won’t cause *yawns* after opening. Whether you're on the gift hunt for your employees, clients, or customers–isn’t it time you tried something new? Let’s start the investigation.

The Best Corporate Gift Ideas:

  1. Cold Case Ice Cream Delivery
  2. Apple AirPods
  3. Self-Heating Coffee Mug
  4. Airbnb Gift Card
  5. Kindle E-Reader
  6. Amazon Echo
  7. Year of Spotify Premium

1. Cold Case Ice Cream Delivery

Cold case ice cream delivery

Literally the coolest corporate gift idea that will have your clients or employees screaming for more (ice cream, that is). Forget about boring office supplies or generic gift cards - with Cold Case Ice Cream, you can treat your favorite people to hand-crafted frozen pints that will make their taste buds dance.

Choose from a selection of unique flavors carefully crafted by ice cream connoisseurs who know how to whip up a frozen masterpiece. And here's the main evidence: it’s delivered frozen straight to their doorstep. Yep, you read that right. 

Whether you're celebrating a successful quarter or simply want to put a smile on your team’s face for the holidays, Cold Case Ice Cream is the perfect suspect. Because nothing says "thank you" quite like a pint of creamy goodness. We’ll consider this case closed!

Featured in each Cold Case Ice Cream corporate delivery package:

  • 6 Pints of award-winning limited edition luxury ice cream
  • 1 golden shovel spoon
  • Incident reports detailing mysterious flavor profiles
  • Exclusive Cold Case mystery game
  • A custom personalized handwritten branded note

Shop Now, and consider your corporate gift shopping done!

2. Apple AirPods

Looking for a corporate gift idea that will have everyone tapping to the beat? Look no further than Apple AirPods. These sleek, wireless earbuds are a must-have accessory for music lovers, and also offer a unique opportunity to engrave your company logo on them. 

Whether you're gifting these musical marvels as a token of appreciation or as part of an incentive program, AirPods will surely hit all the right notes. So go ahead, turn up the volume on your corporate gifting game, and let the music play.

3. Self-Heating Coffee Mug

This is the perfect corporate gift idea for all the coffee lovers out there. That’s pretty much everyone, right? Cold coffee should be considered a crime in our eyes. But with this gift, your clients and employees will kiss goodbye to those sad moments when their cup of joe goes from piping hot to disappointingly tepid. Perfect for the office, at home, or on the go. Your self-heating coffee mug will be there to save the day–and their taste buds. Plus, you’ll be top of mind whenever your giftee takes a sip.

4. Airbnb Gift Card

Vacation home rental gift card

A unique corporate gift idea for your hard-working employees or clients who deserve a little time off and some well-deserved travel adventures. Put away the boring office supplies or unthoughtful gift baskets because with an Airbnb gift card, you're giving them an experience they'll never forget.

Not only does an Airbnb gift card provide flexibility for your employees to choose their own destination and travel dates, but it also gives them the freedom to personalize their vacation experience. Whether they prefer a luxurious villa or a quirky treehouse, your gift will suit every taste. It's time to level up your corporate gifting game and let your favorite people know you appreciate them by treating them to some well-deserved time off and travel.

5. Amazon Echo

Why settle for ordinary corporate gifts when you can give your team an Amazon Echo? Everyone loves a tech gift. And this gift idea is like giving someone a personal assistant without all the salary negotiations and awkward water cooler conversations. Your giftees can walk into the office and be greeted by Alexa, ready to help them tackle the day. 

They’ll be able to turn on background music, increase productivity with voice-activated note-taking, and even check the weather all from the office. Trust us: Once you introduce this little marvel into your employee’s or clients’ lives, they'll wonder how they ever survived without it.

6. Kindle E-Reader

E-Reader corporate gift

Ah, our next suspect, the Kindle E-Reader. This corporate gift idea will have bookworms and avid readers jumping for joy. Giving the gift of an entire library in one small tablet has never been easier with a Kindle. Not only will this corporate gift idea help your employees or clients read conveniently, but it works for every kind of reader. From classics and poems to romance novels and mysteries (our personal favorite)–there's something for everyone in a Kindle to read. It's practical, thoughtful, and will never be forgotten.

7. Year of Spotify Premium

Spotify premium gift card

The last suspect. Why not treat your employees or clients to a year of musical bliss with a Spotify Premium subscription? Everyone will appreciate this unique corporate gift idea. Imagine their faces when they open your gift that unlocks unlimited access to their favorite tunes. They can listen to music while working, during their commute, or even create a playlist the entire office will enjoy. A gift like this shows you've thought about finding a unique and enjoyable present. So go ahead, give the gift of endless melodies!

Corporate Gift Ideas: Who’s Your Prime Suspect?

It may feel like it, but finding the perfect corporate gift doesn't have to be a daunting task. With a little bit of thoughtfulness and creativity, you can make your employees or clients feel appreciated and valued. Gifts such as tasty ice cream, AirPods, a self-heating coffee mug, an Airbnb gift card, Kindle, Amazon Echo, or a year of Spotify premium are gifts anyone will appreciate. You can’t go wrong with these gift options.

Our suspect is an easy choice. When it comes to corporate gifting, thinking outside the box is critical. And showing your appreciation with something not 100 percent work-focused will go a long way. Our favorite corporate gift idea is ice cream deliverywe might be slightly biased, but that’s not a crime.

At Cold Case, we’re dead serious about quality ice cream. Your giftees deserve the best–don't resort to boring company-branded water bottles or t-shirts. Treat your favorite hard-working people to something yummy delivered right to their doorstep! See Cold Case corporate gift options.

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