17 Thank You Gifts For Boss [That They Won’t Throw Out]

17 Thank You Gifts For Boss [That They Won’t Throw Out]

Whether you are celebrating National Boss’s Day (which is October 16th, if you were at all curious), commemorating a special milestone at your company, or simply wanting to show appreciation where it is most certainly due, you’ll want to find the perfect thank you gift for your boss. Even if you have a solid friendship with your boss, thinking of a unique yet appropriate gift can be quite a difficult feat. 

We’ve decided to make your life easier this time around by collecting 17 ideas for thank you gifts you can give your boss that you can be sure they won’t throw out.

1. Thank You Gift For Boss: Ice Cream, The Treat That Never Fails

If you’re looking for a gift that your boss will absolutely love and actually use (or, in this case, eat), then specialty ice cream is the only way to go. Our Cold Case Ice Cream Box consists of 6 luxury pints of ice cream that are handcrafted and unique, a mystery game that is exclusive to our specialty cold cases, a special golden file featuring profiles for each of the flavors you select, and a collectible gold shovel spoon. 

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People who have tasted our Cold Case Ice Cream delight in the past have called it “phenomenal”, “definitely worth it”, and “hands down the best ice cream that exists.” Do better reviews even exist?

If you’re lucky, some of the ice cream might end up in the office freezer—though we wouldn’t suggest counting on any leftovers, considering how scrumptiously perfect our specialty flavors are. While you’re at it, make sure to order yourself one of our Cold Case Ice Cream Boxes as well! You don’t want to miss out on any of the luscious deliciousness!

2. Thank You Gift For Boss: Meaningful Pieces of Art

Whether you think a sculpture or a painting would look better in their office, art is always a classy, meaningful, and long-treasured gift to give. Art is meant to be kept and displayed, and any piece you choose will likely be hung or placed on a pedestal in a place where many of your other fellow employees, in addition to your boss, will be able to see and appreciate it for years to come.

art hanging on wall

When selecting a piece of art to give your boss, there are a few things to consider. If you’ve ever had a work trip or traveled to a conference for work, you could find a piece of art inspired by the landscape or cityscape through which you traveled. If you know that your boss prefers certain styles of art, you can find something that you know they would appreciate. If you don’t know your boss’s art preferences, then looking around the office at other art and styles can give you a good idea of what would look best with the current office design.

Art pieces can also be fun gifts for employees to come together on to show a united sign of appreciation for their boss. 

3. Thank You Gift For Boss: An Elevated Wall Clock

All bosses need to tell time, and wall clocks, like art, can be beautiful additions to office spaces. Consider the style of your boss’s office, as well as where they might want to hang it. If there is a larger space, then you can find a larger clock design to fill and animate your boss’s office!

4. Thank You Gift For Boss: Luxury Pens

Nothing feels better than writing with a high quality pen, and while most office work is done on computers nowadays, many people still prefer taking notes the old fashioned way. Plus, is there anything that looks classier than a luxurious metal pen with refillable ink that comes in its own protective case? We seriously doubt it.

5. Digital Picture Frame

If your boss has family, pets, friends, or places traveled that are especially meaningful to them, a digital picture frame would make for the perfect gift! Sometimes there are too many meaningful pictures to fit on one desk, but a digital picture frame means your boss can keep as many pictures of loved ones as they want, all in one place!

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6. Games, But Make Them Collector’s Editions

Even busy bosses need time to play, and nothing says luxury more than a fancy chess set or a collector’s edition of their favorite game. If you don’t know what kind of games they like, don’t be afraid to ask them outright or sneak in the question by asking your boss what kinds of games they would recommend buying for a friend!

7. An Echo Dot—Practical and Fun!

Does your boss like listening to classical music while they work? Does your boss enjoy listening to podcasts during breaks? Does your boss regularly voice random questions that no one quite has an answer to? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then an Echo Dot is the perfect gift for your boss!

8. For The Cuisine Lovers, A Cheese Serving Board

If your boss loves fine dining (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love fine dining?), consider gifting them a cheese board, complete with all the fancy cheese knives, so they can be prepared for their next fine dining event!

9. Bluetooth Keyboard—A Convenient Life Saver

If you’ve ever noticed that your boss often tries to take notes on their phone during meetings—or doesn’t take notes at meetings because their phone screens are too small—a Bluetooth keyboard might be the perfect gift!

10. Personalized and Refined Catchall Tray

Every office needs a place to keep the small yet important (or random but maybe someday useful) items that could easily get lost in an unorganized drawer. Not only would your boss not throw out a personalized catchall tray, but it would keep them from accidentally throwing out other important items!

11. Leather-Bound Writing Tablet

Writing tablets are essential for any office and any meeting situation, so treat your boss to a classy leather-bound one for all their note-taking and brainstorming needs! 

12. Something Green

Just like brides need something blue, offices need something green. Always—there are no ways around it. Greenery is one of the absolute musts of office life. Find a large plant to spruce up a corner, a potted bonsai tree to dress up a bookshelf, or a flower to add some color.

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13. A Sincere Letter of Appreciation

While not the flashiest of gifts, writing a genuine letter to tell your boss how much you appreciate them is surely something they will keep forever. 

14. Treat Them to Their Favorite Drink

Whether it’s coffee, wine, tea, or even fancy water, few things hit the spot better after a long day of work than the perfect drink. If your office doesn’t already have a fridge, or if the only fridge is more than a few steps away from your boss’s office, you might even treat your boss to their own mini fridge so they can keep all of their favorite beverages on hand and cold for when mid-day exhaustion hits or celebration is immediately necessary!

15. A Personalized Name Stamp

While this may sound old-fashioned, name stamps are classy necessities for any office. If your boss often needs to sign off on physical pieces of paper, or if you think they could benefit from another classy office accessory, look into getting them a personalized name stamp!

personalized name stamp

16. Elevated Office Supplies

Speaking of office supplies, gifting your boss with coordinating office supplies could be just the refresh your boss needs as they continue leading you in your job.

17. Beautiful and Meditative Smells

Our last idea is perfect for any office space: give your boss the gift of a purified and beautified office space with an essential oil diffuser. They’ll be sure to appreciate your gift with every breath they take!

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