50th birthday gift ideas

13 Best [50th Birthday Gift Ideas]

Out of all the cases there are to crack, sometimes finding a birthday gift is the hardest one yet! Trust us, we know it can be difficult to find a meaningful gift for someone you love, and that’s why we’ve gathered our best detectives here at Cold Case Ice Cream to give you thirteen 50th Birthday Gift Ideas.

In our search, we found the best clue of all: Remember to consider the recipient's personal preferences and interests when choosing a gift to make it extra special. Your gift, no matter how big or small, will be special because it’s from you!

Keep reading to get inspired on how to crack your 50th birthday gift case…

1. Cold Case Ice Cream Box

Cold Case Ice Cream will deliver a luxury box with 6 pints of incredible ice cream flavors. You are never too old for Ice Cream, and this special gift will make their day when it arrives on their porch with their name on it. Everyone deserves to have a devious and delicious birthday! Here is what a Cold Case includes:

  • Arrives in a high-end black and gold cold cooler evidence box
  • 6-pints of award-winning LIMITED EDITION Luxury ice cream
  • Incident reports detailing mysterious flavor profiles
  • 1 Golden Shovel Spoon
  • Exclusive Cold Case mystery game!

2. 50th Birthday Gift Ideas: Pillow Cube

As you get older, back and neck pain unfortunately only get worse. Turns out you can reverse time with a Pillow Cube that is specially designed to align your spine and give you the best sleep of your life. This pillow is a luxury they may not buy for themselves, so gift them the comfort they deserve on their 50th birthday! This gift is incredibly practical and will be used every night—you may need to grab one for yourself too while you’re at it!

Pillow Cube

3. Golf Course Print

If they love to golf, and even better, if they have a favorite golf course, then consider gifting them a Golf Course Print! Choose from their available courses(they have lots!) and if you can’t find the course you are looking for, then you can request it. It can be hung on the wall in their home to remind them of their favorite place and hobby. This makes for a meaningful gift that is incredibly personalized to them. 

golf course prints

4. Charcuterie Board of Their Favorite Foods

Even if you don’t consider yourself a qualified charcuterie board creator, give it a go! With resources such as Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and more, you can’t go wrong. Plus, it will give you a chance to show your loved one that you know them well enough to create a personalized charcuterie board of their favorite foods and treats! Your birthday is the perfect time to indulge in the food that makes your taste buds dance.

5. Take Them Out to Lunch or Dinner

Oftentimes, an experience is much more meaningful than a purchased gift. Consider taking them out to lunch or dinner on their birthday, or during their birthday week. This gives you both a chance to reconnect and spend quality time together. They will love it!

6. Personalized State Decoration

Is there a state that is meaningful to them? Maybe where they grew up, had their children, went to college, etc. By the time you turn 50, you most likely have a place that has made a significant impact on your life. Choose a location, and make (or buy) a custom decoration for them, inspired by that place! If you’ve never heard of string art, give it a try! All you need is a piece of sanded or painted wood, small nails, a hammer, and thread.

7. Personalized Necklace with the Names of Their Kids and/or Grandkids

Jewelry is a perfect way to carry around a meaningful message or important names with you always. Gift them a custom necklace or bracelet that includes the names of their family members, spouse, children, or grandchildren! They will have this as a keepsake forever and will most likely become a family heirloom in years to come!

8. 50th Birthday Gift Ideas: ZipFit Sheets

If there is one thing you are bound to get tired of doing by the time you turn 50, it is making your bed. That’s over 18 thousand days of beds to make… yikes. ZipFit sheets are a new phenomenon that will totally make their bed—I mean birthday—totally criminally awesome. With one zip, your bed is made. No tugging, folding, stretching, or cardio required.

zipper bedding

9. “50” of Anything!

Think of what your loved one loves the most, and gift them 50 of it! Hershey kisses? Golf balls? Chicken nuggets? Balloons? You name it, get 50 of it. This timeless birthday gift idea works for any number and any person. Easily personalized and unforgettable, especially if you show up to their door with 50 pints of Cold Case Ice Cream. Now that could easily make their best birthday yet. 

10. Something Gold

Traditionally, 50th anniversaries are celebrated with something gold to carry into your next—hopefully—half a century to come. Whether it’s a new ring, a necklace, or gold balloons, you can take a creative twist on the tradition and make it personal to the birthday boy/girl.

11. 50th Birthday Gift Ideas: A Surprise Party

Surprise them by gathering together the people they are closest to. If it’s possible, plan ahead and invite long distance family members and friends to fly in to celebrate half a century of life. Life is all about people, and most likely they have accumulated a lot of meaningful relationships and memories by the age of 50! 

12. Donation Made in Their Name

If you don’t want to get them a physical gift and think that a donation in their name would be more meaningful, then this might be the perfect 50th birthday gift idea! Consider the causes that are most important to the individual, including organizations that they admire and support! Then make a donation to that organization in their name and tell them on their birthday.

13. Subscription to a Wine or Beer Club

Nothing is better than a box of wine or beer arriving on your doorstep every month! A subscription like this makes for a long-lasting gift that they will keep enjoying every month of their birthday year!

Best 50th Birthday Ideas, It’s the Thought That Counts

Whatever you choose, it will be special to them because it is from you! Gifts can be vulnerable, because it puts your creativity and thoughtfulness on display, but don’t overthink it! There is bound to be one idea out of these 13 that is a perfect gift idea for your loved one. (and shhhh don’t worry, we won’t tell them that we helped you crack this case).

Just remember, if you’re still struggling with birthday gift ideas, you can never go wrong with Ice Cream, and Cold Case will even deliver it for you. Fast, easy, delicious, and unique. Tell them we said happy 50!

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